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See Who We've Developed Workshops, Coaching Programs, Courses, Training, and Social Media Campaigns For:

  • A ​Transition Coach
  • Soul Train Award Winning & Grammy Award Winning Music Producer
  • Diversity Authors
  • ​Tea & Mental Health Coach
  • ​Mercedes Benz and Lexus of Augusta, GA
  • ​Home Health Care Coach
  • ​Writing Coach
  • ​Children's Motivation Coach
  • ​Mental Health Coach
  • ​Teachers and Professors
Course Design Agency
Your knowledge, coaching, leadership, mentorship, & wisdom are needed in this hour.  
There is a need for your training program, but you are just too busy to do it.

We have helped others!  
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Course Design Agency
The Teknowlogy Factory launched the Course Design Agency to help you reach more people with your to message and knowledge.

We know you are TOO BUSY to take a class to learn to design your own workshop or course. Maybe you've tried to design your course on your own and you've started and stopped because again, you are just TOO BUSY.

It's okay because we love building training programs for our clients.  Let us do the work!

Position yourself to bid for 

partner with
work with
partner with 
and with

Let us do the work!  We are the learning and development partner you've been looking for!

You will learn how to attract clients that are looking for your knowledge.
You will attract followers that want to be inspired by your posts, your words, your wisdom and your knowledge.

Get a step by step framework to shortcut the process and jump start you to launching your world class training program!

Complete the free consultation form and let's discuss your next steps. I'm excited to join you on your journey of launching!  No more excuses. It's time to move forward and launch!

Coaches We've Helped in the

  • ​Keto Diet Coach
  • ​Music Coach
  • ​Tea Coach
  • Transformation Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • ​Teen Finance Coach
  • ​Mediation Coach
  • ​Ministries
  • ​Youth Motivation Coach
  • ​Home Health Care
Are You Ready To Stop Managing It All?

Are You Finally Ready to Finish Your Training Project, Workshop, Webinar, or Course?
Secret #1: You don't have to do all the work.  Partner with the Course Design Agency to build your training program and course.
Partner with an organization that creates courses for clients from all backgrounds.  Let us do the work.  Meet with us and discuss your ideas and we will do the heavy lifting and turn your ideas into a marketable and profitable training program.  We will set up your training package and all you have to do is share it.
Secret #2: You can create an engaging program that attracts organizations and individuals to your brand, services and product.  
Don't think small.  Your knowledge, wisdom and expertise are attractive to large and small businesses as well as individuals.  Create a program that you can scale and reach many people at once.   Market your products to the right people at the right time.
Secret #3: Show the R.O.I. of your training programs and share the results you've gotten and the impact your training has made.
Have you gotten results with your coaching, training, or knowledge sharing?  It's okay to share this with others.  How will they know if you don't share the impact you're making?  Our  performance measurement process will track the ROI of your training program to show the results you've gotten and how you can help others. 

You are busy growing and leading your organization. Let us do the work the learning and development LEG work!
We Know You're On the Go!  

We want to understand your needs and help you UNPACK your expertise, knowledge and wisdom and turn it into a marketable training program.  Let us POINT you in the right direction.

Learning, Development, Performance Improvement, Organizational Development, and Employee 
On-boarding are our Passion!  

Let us take your expertise and transform it into a marketable program that attracts corporations, organizations, and entrepreneurs.

Submit the short questionnaire below so we can learn more about your training needs.   Also, receive the Virtual Training and Course Design Planner in your inbox.

Course Content:
Do you want to learn to create a training program of group of courses or would you like a consultant to design your training materials and courses?
When do you want to launch your training program?
Do you need a course developed?
Do you need a workbook and webinar slides?
Do you need a sales funnel developed?
Do you need social media infographics?
Do you want to develop your virtual training skills?

About the Professor Freya, MBA, PHR

Freya Huffman is Learning and Performance Leader, Technology Evangelist and Career Coach.
Her diverse background in Technology, Training, Performance Improvement and Employee Development have allowed her to develop training programs in the following industries: Manufacturing, Payroll, Government, Insurance, Authors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Ministries and Non-Profits.

She has been an adjunct Professor for 4 Universities for over 10 years teaching courses in Human Resources, Information Technology, Sales, Business, Communications and Mathematics.

She has over 25 years of corporate experience in leadership, business, sales, technology, career coaching, layoff restoration and training.

She has been invited to speak and lead seminars and webinars at Training Magazine and Tech Learn discussing course design, virtual training, and ROI!  She has also spoken at the Congressional Black Conference and Colleges and Universities.

Contact Freya to jump start or revive your program. Your learners will leave engaged, excited, and ready to impact organizational performance.
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